Anjuna Beach Market fits for every small pocket size

Life is to enjoy and cherish every moment for me. Being a Goan, fun loving and freaking are my basic nature. Hanging out with friends, long bike trips, night life, pubs, discos, street shopping and the multi cuisine options are the few inherited culture of Goa. Unsurprisingly, I am one among many following it whole heartedly. A journalist by profession, I tend to search minute things amidst every big happening. The current affairs and the cultural events amuse me the most. I linger on places to search for few attractive subjects that compel the reader to experience one in the near future. With a list of few necessaries and excitement in heart I planned a whole day excursion to the colorful and vibrant Wednesday Flea Market at Anjuna Beach.

Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna Beach Goa | Image Resource :

Seaside At Anjuna Beach

Seaside At Anjuna Beach | Image Resource :

Anjuna Beach Market

Anjuna Beach Market | Image Resource :

Situated 18 kms away from the capital town Panaji, Anjuna beach overlooking the sea reflects a tremendous view of the shoreline. The beach is however out of danger of strong ocean currents owing to its rocky promontory, thus visitors find it an ideal place for fun, playing and bathing in the water. The exotic palm trees across its shoreline and the soft white sands give Goa a marvelously beautiful approach. Known for the backpacker’s amusement spot, this beach holds a weekly market most appropriately for the middle class people like me.

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Quite popular and famous among the tourists and locals, the market is widely spread over the beach’s coastline. The big size and the wide display offer everything and anything available under the sun. The enormously spread market was primarily begun by hippies or the broke foreign traveler frequenting the beach and playing crazy trance music for the entertainment. They used to sell their possessions, goods and trinkets to the other travelers in order to fetch little money for the rest journey. Presently not only the foreigners, but the Goans, Kashmiris, Tibetans and the Rajasthanis jostle for space out there to proceed for their livelihood.

At times the market gets notorious for drug peddlers but is best suited for shopaholic like me with all the want of things being fulfilled reasonably and desirably. An easy access to any item, this market contains wide range of variety including the miniature items also like cameras, mobile phones, food stalls, spices, apparels, jewelry, handicrafts etc. with my personal experience this is the best hang out place for a day. There is no exhaustion level of such shopping spree except, until one wants no more and gets tired.


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