Get Stranded In this Majestic Paradise Called Mandrem Beach!

Being brought up in a city that never sleeps, I consider myself lucky to be a Goan. I’m David, a journalist with a well-to-do job and a cosset Boss. The other ‘B’ I’m fond of is the Beach!

This smallest state I call home is blessed with many beaches and is a coastal pride. One among them that I personally recommend is the Mandrem Beach in north Goa.

Best way to reach:
It is just 34 kilometers from Panaji so just a taxi ride away by road.

Nearest railway stations include Panaji and the other at Pernem, which is about 20kms. Taxis, buses and autos are available from the railway station.

It is quiet close to the famous market place Mapusa costing you an hour’s travel. The local flea markets and shopping centers can be reached with rented scooters or bikes without making a hole in your wallet!

It is a quiet coastal village welcoming the backpackers with scenic views, tangy food, pleasant atmosphere and a return trip confession! You also have a lot of meditation and massage centers to chill your mind and body! It’s a haven for people who love swimming but deep swimming is not advised without a lifeguard in the near vicinity or unless you are a pro!

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One of the highlights is the bridge built of bamboo, looking awesome and connecting to the mainland. This bridge innately adds to the stunning beauty of this beach and keeps the tourists raving about the great views…don’t miss it!

The picturesque shore with some beach vegetation and dried solitude tree barks make this place a solace for honeymooners and for beach walks. A Portuguese fort called Tiracol Fort and some majestic ruins of an old Shrimp Factory should be in your list if you like history. The shallow Arabian waters and the deserted beach are known for the famous marine turtles and dolphin- spotting activities

The beach is one of the less crowded coastlines in the north shore and the hotels like  Boomerang Beach Resort, The Byke Hidden Paradise, Kavita Beach House, Riva Beach Resort, Rococco at Ashvem, Thomas Beach Guest House  and the End of the World Café serve some really exotic sea food varieties. My favorite is the Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori prawns and chilled beer to wash it off neatly!

If you want to stay in a rustic but peaceful heaven, march towards Dunes Holiday Village, tucked away amidst the slender palms and white virgin sand, you can literally feel your tensions ebbing away along with the warm waves washing this Arabian shore! The traditional huts, bamboo dinning, drop- in yoga center and health spa is added attractions!

Dunes Holiday Village Goa

Dunes Holiday Village Goa I Image Resource :

I’m proud of the rich resources and features this party town of India is bestowed with and happy to be an inhabitant of the same!


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