God – Made Grandeur In The Vagator Beach!

Hey guys. I’m David from Goa. Being a journalist, I want to write something that will make people stop skimming through the pages but take a minute to read. This is about my trip to the Vagator Beach, I undertook yesterday with a few of my friends for an evening getaway.

The beach is located in the Bardez Taluk northwest of Panaji near Anjuna opposite to the banks of the Chapora River. It is approximately an hour’s drive from the Dabolim Airport. A taxi ride from there would cost you about Rs.1250. But if you are good in bargaining, then it’s your call!

Scooters and Bikes are available for daily rents of Rs.250- 500. I think the two wheelers are a wise choice for you can pull over and ask for directions and sway through the city and explore its beauty. My friends and I took a Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350cc for a thriller ride. Tivim and Vasco da Gama are the nearest railway stations.

When we reached, a welcoming Portuguese Fort, red huge cliffs beckoning the sea and the golden sand made me to walk bare feet and let the waters wet them. The landscape, water color changing from aquamarine blue to a tinge of green and the panoramic view of the horizons struck me with wonder. A small headland separates the shore into the Big/North Vagator beach and the Little/Orzan Vagator beach. Both are ideal for evening walks.

Flea Market Antiques

Flea Market Antiques | Image Resource : tushky.com

Jewellery Anjuna Flea Market

Jewellery Anjuna Flea Market | Image Resource : maxfashionindia.wordpress.com

Every Wednesday you have these Flea Markets lighting the shoreline with splendid antiques, jewellery and novelties at amiable price. After the shopping jaunt, we chose Robert’s place, to gift ourselves with some seafood, multi cuisine varieties and Vegetarian dishes.

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While we waited for the sunset to dip the ocean, we took some time to look into the other restaurants like the Japanese- Sakana, Itaian- My Place, Nocte and Thalassa endowing Tribal and Greek cuisines for a tangy delight. The Disco Valley known for trance and night club parties, open air clubs which exclusively perform during Christmas.

The view of the sunset can be magnificently watched fro hotel Goan Clovem the balcony of many middle and high class restaurants like Meillur Resort, Ally Pally Guest House, Boon’s Ark, Casa Vagator and hotel Goan Clove.


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