Lairai Jatra : Sing Praises Of the Almighty! Celebrate The Pious Moment!

The life of a journalist always found me on the most exciting walks of life. There visited a time in my career that I had to completely dedicate myself to the profession without expecting much in return. However I wasn’t a person who cracks under pressure, I enjoyed my job for it kept surprising me at every juncture. It so happened one fine summer when I decided to be a part of Lairai Jatra.

The Lairai Jatra which was commenced then was the topic of discussion for every mouth, body and soul in and around Goa. It simply had to be for this carnival had the prayers and devotion of millions of devotees setting up a pilgrimage from different parts of the country to witness this occasion. I was astonished to see the other side of Goa, apart from parties and beaches. This procession was more like a national festival for I could see around me people from all parts of India. The whole idea of adventure sporting and partying for a moment seemed uninteresting. I was on cloud nine to be a part of this vivid celebration.

On the auspicious set day several offerings and prayers are offered to the deity of the temple. People descend down to this small village called Shirgaon and worship the goddess. Jatra is an Indian word which is used to refer to any Hindu Temple Function or any Ceremony performed in the temple.

Shree Lairai Devi Temple at Shirgaon Goa

Shree Lairai Devi Temple at Shirgaon Goa | Image Resource :

Despite the peak rush and heavy inflow of tourists what surprised me to a considerable amount was the easy availability of budget accommodation. Practices and the believes of people here left my senses spell bound. I witnessed the act of walking on coal bonfire by people as a faith and practice. Upon seeing it the only thing that I could then visualize was the will power and strong belief of the devotees. Celebrations extend up to evening when the goddess is decorated and decked with stunning jewels. It is indeed a treat to any observer’s eyes! With lots of prayers and good wishes I left the place with total contentment!

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