What Kind Of Cricket Fan Are You : Loyal Fan Vs Bandwagon Fans?

“Why We Love Sports” – Res

In India people are hard core cricket fans and they are ready to do anything for the love of the sport. It unites them and the thrill of the victory and the agony of the defeat are truly taken to unknown heights! Whatever  be the game, be it cricket, football , hockey , tennis , badminton; there are huge number of fans who cheer the players and the mental stimulus it creates , takes every person to the heights of happiness and ecstasy!

Many historical moments are witnessed during the games and to be a part of it even in the role of a spectator is truly great. The collective energy and the love for the nation is stirred from the gut level and it binds people stronger and with renewed faith. The true love can be seen when the fans wait patiently wait for long hours in serpentine queues to get tickets and incidents of people jumping from a 15 ft. wall can also be witnessed in order to touch their heroes!

A view of huge crowd of cricket fans queued up at the Chinnaswamy Stadium to purchase tickets

A view of huge crowd of cricket fans queued up at the Chinnaswamy Stadium to purchase tickets | Image Resource : archive.indianexpress.com

Why a sport needs fan? – Res

Sports without fans cannot thrive as they are the heartbeat of the game! Be it the sports players or the coaches, and all the staffs associated with a game, make money only when there are fans. Both the physical presence with their painted faces and loud cheering add to the spirit of the game and motivates the players to perform well. The memorabilia, the tickets and the replica outfits that the fans buy add to the treasury and there are games that become a national fever like cricket and football.

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There are two types of fans , the loyal fans who stay loyal to their players and support them during the high and the low and the second category of the bandwagon fans who jump to the side which wins!

“What makes someone a true fan? This is a question that has been asked for years. Is it someone who can buy everything the team sells or is it someone who goes to every game?” – Res

Fans who are loyal are a great treasure for the team as they support the players during their rough patches and take care to be in the places where their team is playing in order to cheer them. They also do a steady follow up by watching the news on the internet, on TV and by motivating their heroes by sending messages and SMS to their phones and social media accounts.  There is no dispute on the fact that fans are important because without fans no team can survive nor does any game for that matter.


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