Feni – A Drink Tantamount With Goa And Occupying A Place Of Pride!

Feni or Fenny, as it is called, is a drink tantamount with Goa just as Tequila with Mexico, Scotch with Scotland and Champagne with France! We Goan’s are very keen to offer advice on drinking fenny – not to drink it on an empty stomach or mix with other spirits and certainly don’t swim after a couple of glasses.

Goan Famous Drink - Feni

Goan Famous Drink – Feni | Image Resource : likeyourliquor.com

There are two types of fenny, coconut or palm fenny is made from the sap drawn from the severed young branches on a coconut tree. In Goa, this is known as toddy. On the other hand, cashew or kaju fenny is made from cashew apple and can only be made during the cashew season in March and April.

Coconut or Palm Feni

Coconut or Palm Feni | Image Resource : digitalpoint.com

Cashew or Kaju Feni

Cashew or Kaju Feni | Image Resource : shauryaparivar.wordpress.com

Fenny, undoubtedly is Goa’s most famous triple or double distilled alcoholic drink. It is best to have it neat but some people also like to dilute it with lime juice or soda .A popular cocktail is also made from fen and served in most of the restaurants in Goa.

It is bottled and sold in all wine shops all across Goa. Prices vary from INR 100 to 600, depending on the quality and maturity. Fenny is a trademark of the region. Those with a low alcohol tolerance, however, might want to stick with something simpler.

Another good news regarding this exotic drink Feni and one that makes us Goans proud is that it is going to become a brand and is going to earn international repute….hurray!!! This of course will see to it that deceptive versions of this drink will not be sold and it’s going to be marketed in beautiful bottles of varied shapes and colors like a football, cashew fruit. Feni is going to be marketed with a bang just in time to cash in on the football fever of FIFA World cup! Stay tuned lovers of Feni!


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