Crack Better Deals for Your Trip to Goa : Enjoy Without Making A Hole In Your Budget!

In all my travels, I have found that Goa is one of the most interesting places to visit. Its people and the community of travellers that go there, automatically get into a zone of laid-back cheerfulness.

Goan Beach

Goan Beach | Image Resource :

A trip to Goa is on everyone’s bucket-list. But cost-effective planning is highly recommended so that you don’t burn away your savings, you need to learn how to play the system with hidden tricks.

Trip to Goa

Trip to Goa | Image Resource :

There are various websites that help out those who need to travel on a shoestring budget. Cheap flights can be found in several popular websites. A quick Google search can reveal the most popular websites for this part of the planning. You can travel to Goa by plane, train or bus and it is cheaper to book these tickets yourself rather than getting a travel agent to do it for you.

Luckily, Goa is filled with little shacks, homestays and inns for the careful spender. Several blogs and sites will give you a list of places for a place to stay. The details of each place are carefully listed out, along with reviews from people who have been there. Look at the amenities and prices for the length of your stay and in many cases, booking a room online gives you a discount on your stay. You should definitely check this option as you may get lucky and get a great deal!

Little Shacks in Goa for stay

Little Shacks in Goa for stay | Image Resource :

You could also go on social media sites to check your hotel’s photos and get real reviews, pointers and great advice from people who have been there. This part of the planning is important and even though it is time-consuming, I suggest (from experience) that you trudge through it because the result is worth it. You can plan an amazing trip on a shoestring budget!

Regarding transportation, you can rent bikes or scooters or even cars if that’s what you wish. You can rent them even from the hotel you stay as most hotels, shops and even the wayside restaurants offer rentals. One thing you need to pay keen attention is to see that your tank is full as there are very few petrol bunks and they are widely spaced. However, now some of the shops also sell so no need to get panicky even if you are not able to find a petrol bunk. You are sure to keep your budget on hold if you opt for these rentals.


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