Goa State Cabinet Today Approved Increase In Financial Sanction For Din Dayal Panchayat Raj Yojana

Goa is state known to generate revenue via tourism and sale of cashews and liquor. People of the state are wondering where all the revenues are going as the panchayat buildings in their towns and villages are crumbling to dust. The market places and the other buildings owned by the state government are in a bad condition.

Goa Government Raises Aid For Din Dayal Panchayat Raj Yojana

Goa Government Raises Aid For Din Dayal Panchayat Raj Yojana | Image Resource : indianwhitepaper.com

Earlier an amount of 1 crore was assigned to improvement and renovation of the new buildings and constructions of the new ones. Out of the 50 proposals which contained building to be improved, twenty two buildings were approved. But the locals are complaining that the work has not been started on any of the buildings and a disturbance amongst the general audience has risen.

After much complaining and letters of dissatisfaction from the locals, the state cabinet came up with the idea of increasing the amount of allotted money from one crore to one and half crores hoping that the increase will kick start the project. The funds are to be released in 3 phases.

The increase in the funds has been made because most of the projects submitted had exceeded the upper ceiling of one crore and the state cabinet believes that the projects have failed to start because of this reason. The infrastructure, renovation and building will be done under a scheme called the Din Dayal Panchayat raj Yojana which is a scheme dedicated specially to the areas of improvement.

Din Dayal Panchayat raj Yojana

Din Dayal Panchayat raj Yojana | Image Resource : indiatimes.com

The locals are hoping that with the renovation of the market places, more and more tourists are attracted to buying the locally produced fruits and vegetables like cashew fruits, jack-fruits etc. The vendors also want to open shops where they wish to sell homemade jams and preserves.

The increase in the amount allocated for improvement of infrastructure shows how much the Indian economy is growing and how much it is willing to spend for the betterment of the people. The state cabinet is certainly aiming for new approaches and trying to push towards a better future.


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