Destination For Trekking In Goa : Choose From The Many Places Available!

Many are aware that Goa is a state of beautiful beaches and lovely seafood, but few people make sure that they visit the forests and the hills which surround Goa. These forests are lush with vibrant fruits and flowers and rivers of crystal pure water meandering through it. The spices and the exotic fruits grown here are a must try. The local Konkan cuisine also captures the hearts of many who visit here.

Beautiful Goan Beaches

Beautiful Goan Beaches | Image Resource :

Given to the forests and the hills Goa is one of the foremost trekking destinations in India. It is chosen because not many other trekking locations are so close to the sea and the trekker can enjoy the best of both worlds. There are many institutes which host trekking events for the tourists and the school and college kids visiting Goa.

The most famed trekking region is the Chorla Ghat which is just a two hour trip from the city of Panjim. There are many waterfalls in this region and this happens to be the reason why many people choose to trek here. The added charm is that even though it is quite famous it is quiet and not very crowded. A good map and offline navigation system is advised before setting steps here because there are not many signs put up about the destination.

Chorla Ghat Trekking

Chorla Ghat Trekking | Image Resource :

The Netravali is a trek for the amateurs because the trekking trail is fairly easy and the destination is a feast to the eyes of the beholder. The traveler can reach the very brink of the waterfalls and even take a dip to refreshment. The trek is mostly uphill but is said to be beautiful and enjoyable as there are many scenic sports on the way.

The Netravali Trek

The Netravali Trek | Image Resource :

Valpoi is just an hour’s drive from the city of Panjim but is advised mostly for the experienced trekkers as the trail is fairly difficult but the views make up for the efforts. The area is off beat and isolated and hence the travelers can enjoy the peace and calm offered by the surroundings.

Valpoi Trek

Valpoi Trek | Image Resource :


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