Apps That Every Tourist In Goa Should Use : Technologies That Makes Life Easy!

There are many disadvantages of visiting a place as a tourist. The local vender’s try to make a fool out of the tourists by selling things at higher prices, the food is overpriced and most of the times the tourists are clueless about where to go, what to do and what to eat. These problems can be solved today with the help of technology and internet.

Goa is a place which is famous among both the Indians as well as the foreigners. The food here is overpriced and the experiences costly. I love traveling and there are some awesome apps which have helped me. Every tourist out there must try them before heading to Goa.

Navmii App

Navmii App | Image Resource :

One of my favorites is Navmii. It is a database of maps and works exactly like Google maps, only one does not need net connectivity for it. This is an amazing application if you are traveling abroad and the data rates are high. The maps for countries can be downloaded before leaving home and the map shows eateries, petrol stations, bus and train stations and much more. It is a boon to every traveler.

Cleartrip app for Android Phone

Cleartrip app for Android Phone | Image Resource :

I would also advise you to get the Cleartrip app for your smart phone. This particular app is quite handy while booking affordable deals on flight, train and bus booking. This app also helps you out to find hotels close to your  target destination with assured last minute bookings.

Zomato App

Zomato App | Image Resource :

Another app is Zomato which is an app that allows you to check the user reviews of the food joints before making a final choice. Filters can be added based on what sort of an eatery you are looking for and even the budget and cuisines can be chosen. You can plan your dining by the menu, reviews, ratings and tips offered by this app.

Google Translate App

Google Translate App | Image Resource :

Google translate is an amazing application for foreigners who don’t understand the local language. It is also a great help if you cannot make out the directions given to you by the locals. People also tend to be friendlier towards a tourist if he or she knows a few words of the local language.

This compilation of apps is sure to guide you into any corner of Goa you want to head to. You can sit back and relax with these apps and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


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