Goa Marathi Film Festival : Ensured To Be A Success!

The eighth and most awaited Goa Marathi Film Festival is scheduled to be held from the 17th of July and will continue till the 19th of July 2015. This two day event has been rumoured to be one of the best film festivals that India has hosted till date.

Goa Marathi Film Festival 2015

Goa Marathi Film Festival 2015 | Image Resource : bookmyshow.com

Organized at the Kala Academy, Inox and Maquinez place, this splendid event will have a wide array of great movies lined up and a whole noteworthy guest list of wonderful and famous stars that are to attend. The event also is planning to hold gala dinners for all the fine attendants, exciting and productive workshops and a whole diverse live performance. There are a few more happening programs to take place but that is still kept on the down low.

The event is said to premier three much anticipated films, the first being Partu, Hollywood’s first Marathi feature. The story revolves around a young boy who embarks on a mission to find his real family. The second, Nilkanth Master, is a love story set during the pre-Independence era in Maharashtra. The third one, Highway Marathi Movie, directed by Umesh Kulkarni and speaks of inner change.

Nilkanth Master Marathi Movie

Nilkanth Master Marathi Movie | Image Resource : marathistars.com

Highway Marathi Movie

Highway Marathi Movie | Image Resource : marathifilm.in

Goa Marathi Film Festival Will Turn Heads And Minds Alike!

Furthermore Ramesh and Seema Deo are to be awarded and given recognition for their exemplary contribution to the World of Cinema. Ramesh has been around for many years in the film industry, he has produced, directed and even acted in many Hindi and Marathi films, he has also worked in Marathi Dramas. His wife, Seema Deo also follows her husband’s career path closely and has done wonders.

Ramesh and Seema Deo

Ramesh and Seema Deo | Image Resource : rediff.com

‘Distributing and Marketing Marathi Movies’ is one of the workshop topics that Girish Wankhede is going to take up during these two days of the film festival. ‘Goa Film Festival Screenwriters Point’ is an entire new genre of awards that are going to be given to promote screenwriters and plays.

Be sure to check out the various details and review this event. Make sure you are part of the making of history!


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