Chikhal Kalo Festival : Something Spectacular!

This wonderful Hindu festival is to be celebrated at Marcel this year like every other year. This celebration is done at the only temple in India that has a statue of lord Krishna when he was a child sitting on his mother’s lap.

Devaki Krishna Temple Mashel Goa

Devaki Krishna Temple Mashel Goa | Image Resource : blog.parrikar.comDevaki-Krishna Temple at Marcel

The place of Marcel has around thirty two temples all over including the Devki Krishna temple. There are many games that Lord Krishna was said to have played as he was a child and this festival enacts all those games such as Dahi Handi. This is basically a human pyramid that needs to be formed in order to attain and break a pot of curd. This game is played during Krishna’s birthday as well as the Chikhal Kalo Festival.

Chikal Kalo Festival Goa

Chikal Kalo Festival Goa | Image Resource :

Mud play or Chikhal Kalo is the main event of the day. People play in mud and are completely covered in mud by the end of the game. This festival doesn’t have a proper date in history but goes back hundred and fifty years or so.

Mud Play Goa

Mud Play Goa | Image Resource :

On Ekadashi, villagers assemble at the Devki-Krishna temple to sing bhajans for about two consecutive days. After the bhajans of the second day the temple’s priest distributes oil to those who will participate in the chikal kalo.

The Event Of A Lifetime!

To the beats of the drums, cymbals and bells, and chanting “Jai Hari Vithal“, the participants, who are all men, enter the mucky ground where a variety of games, all ensuring a thorough mud bath, are played in full power and excitement.

Jai Hari Vithal

Jai Hari Vithal | Image Resource :

This festival brings together all the castes of the Hindu culture without looking into color, race, richness or age. Many people who have been a part of this event in the previous year’s claim to have so much fun and bring back the child in them. They also say that this event gives them a chance to relax and unwind.

All the participants are offered sweets and other ‘Prasaad’ from the temple first and are then distributed to all the people around the temple compounds. It is indeed a wonderful festival that enlightens the mind, body and soul.


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