Goa Takes A Step Up As Central Government Approved Rs. 64.95 crores For Tourism Development!

No second thoughts about Goa being one of the coolest party destinations in India. Every year, Goa witnesses a major chunk of crowd especially during the peak season from November to February. Goa competes at par with international destinations for being one of the most popular tourist destinations. Comparatively cheap, Goa is high on tourist activities throughout the year. During the great sunburn festival held around New Year, major hotels have houseful bookings for rooms and cottages. The government of Goa has always been active in supporting tourist activities in Goa and to add a cherry on top the Central Government has approved a budget of Rs. 64.95 crore to make provisions for increments in the tourism activities to make Goa a world-class tourist destination in India.

The government of Goa

The government of Goa | Image Resource : hubert-herald.nl

Goa Tourism Logo

Goa Tourism Logo | Image Resource : travelandtourworld.com

Being a resident of Goa, I was super excited and as an inquisitive journalist, I was more than interested in knowing more about the approved budgets. In the same regard, Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik conveyed the information which was issued by the Union Minister of state for Tourism, Mr. Mahesh Sharma that the sanctioned investment amount will be put for returns under five key projects.

The streamlined tourism development projects underlined under the approved budgets are Miramar Tourism circuit development, Tourism circuit development in heritage and coastal areas by helicopter connectivity, Colvale tourism circuit development, establishment of a golf course and a luxury cruise.

Under the sanctioned budget, the Central government has provided around Rs. 40.40 lakh for  which Rs. 21.03 crores have already put to use. From the amount above, a figure close to Rs. 12 crores was assigned to Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, out of which Rs. 4 crores have been already put to use. Amongst the left over budget, Development of the Colva Beach Circuit gets a share of Rs. 7.58 crore out of which Rs. 6.06 crore have been put to use and the development of Baga Circuit was allotted Rs. 4.98 crores out of which Rs. 3.99 crores have already been put to use.

Colva Beach

Colva Beach | Image Resource : goabloggers.wordpress.com

Baga Beach

Baga Beach | Image Resource : indialocation.in


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