The Glorious Bonderam Festival Of Goa

India is a land of cultural festivals. The history of this nation gives rise to several special occasions and festivals of several cultures. Here, in the country, each culture has not just one but many festivals to celebrate. And each of the festivals has a special story or history behind it. Almost all the states of the Indian nation have different cultures and have their special cultural occasion. These festivals are celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. Most of these festivals symbolize some positive victory or achievement. Same is for the smallest state of the Nation, Goa.

One of the most joyous festivals of Goa is the Bonderam Festival. There is a great history behind the reason of this festival being celebrated. During the Portuguese rule over the state of Goa, there were some disputes between villagers of different villages regarding ownership of land. The Portuguese rulers then decided to divide the villages with borders of flags. The villagers protested against this, and now this incident is made a reason for the celebration of the joyous festival of Bonderam.

Goa Bonderam Festival

Goa Bonderam Festival | Image Resource :

Bonderam Festival

Bonderam Festival | Image Resource :

The Bonderam Festival is celebrated in a colourful way in the Divar Island, located at a distance of approximately 12 km from Panjim, the capital of Goa. During this festival, a carnival goes on with sweet Goan Music all over the place. People from different villages of Goa come together on this Island and take part in this festival.

Divar Island Goa

Divar Island Goa | Image Resource :

A mock fight scene is created resembling the olden protests wherein people use light bamboos as their mock weapons and berries to hit the flags. This is a very colourful festival wherein everyone dresses up in brightly coloured clothes and performs cultural dances on the melodious Goan music.

A mock fight scene in Bonderam Festival

A mock fight scene in Bonderam Festival | Image Resource :

Arts in Bonderam Festival Goa

Arts in Bonderam Festival Goa | Image Resource :

This festival is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of the month of August every year. The entire venue is decorated in carnival style and is lit up with bright colours. Bonderam Festival 2015 is looked forward with great eagerness. One would not get to see such enthusiasm, colourful and heart-warming celebration everywhere.


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