Why The World Tourism Day Is Celebrated and Its Importance!

A big Hello to all of you, from your favourite blogger David Pinto! This time I am back with a new blog on World Tourism Day. Yes, I am not bringing any element of Goa in my blog; rather I am here to provide my views on the world tourism day. Every year, people celebrate this day on 27th of September. However, a lot of them still do not have any idea about the day.

It was the year 1980 when the first ever World Tourism Day was celebrated by the United Nations. Well, the purpose of celebrating world tourism day according to me is to bring different communities together. It is an occasion to unite political, economic and social values from every part of the globe.

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day | Image Resource : travelandtourworld.com

It was the year 1997 when the UNWTO General Assembly made this decision of designating a country every year as a host to organize the World Tourism Day. In October 1997, the Twelfth Session of WTD was held in Istanbul, Turkey. And, since then, every year a country is selected to host this event. The Fifteenth Session of WTD was held in Beijing, China, where the venues for the upcoming WTD were announced.


UNWTO | Image Resource : traveldailynews.com

Living in a place which is globally popular for its tourism industry makes me feel the importance of tourism. This sector is not only important from the viewpoint of social unity, but in the development of economy as well. For instance, last year, the World Tourism Day focused on contributing towards community development. The main motto is to let every country know how tourism affects different values, such as economic, social, political, cultural, etc. I truly believe that the popularity of Goa has stemmed mainly from its foreign visitors.


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