Celebration Of Air Force Day With Great Enthusiasm And Passion

The day is nearing when our chest swells with pride and we pay tribute to the people who have laid their lives for our motherland. Yes, tommorrow we will celebrate the 83rd Air Force Day on 8th October. In 1932, on this day, the Indian Air Force was officially established. The Indian Air Force is also known as “Bhartiya Vayu Sena”.

Indian Air Force Day

Indian Air Force Day | Image Resource : prolineindia.com

On the world map, our Indian Air Force stands 4th largest air force.The prime duty of the Indian Air Force, which is the air arm of the Indian armed forces is to secure the Indian airspace and also to carry out the aerial warfare during any clash or emergency. This year the main event will take place at the Air Force Station Hindan (Ghaziabad). The anniversary will be conducted with great enthusiasm and passion at multiple Air stations of our country.

On the day of the anniversary, the program is commenced with the Air Force parade. Parades are conducted at all the air force bases. During this, the bugle is indicated and the parade is matched in from the right. Four squadrons of two flights each commanded by a Wing Commander forms the contingent. Throughout the parade, a band is played by a group with motivating beats. Once the parade marches into the parade ground, all the attendees rise in its honour and all uniformed air personnel will salute the parade.

Parade on Ceremony of Air Force Day

Parade on Ceremony of Air Force Day | Image Resource : newindianexpress.com

You will feel proud of your nation when you will see the outstanding air display by various air-crafts. You will see the sky filled with colourful display in the shades of our tri-color national flag. During the oath ceremony, which is conducted with full military traditions, the Commander in Chief administers the oath of allegiance to all the air warriors and also to the civilian personnel for giving their lives for the motherland.

At “Amar Jawan Jyoti”, Delhi, an homage is paid to the martyrs who gave away their life in the service of the nation. A floral reed is laid down by the chief of Air Force, Army and Navy as a tribute.

Paying tribute to war heroes at Amar Jawan Jyoti on air force day

Paying tribute to war heroes at Amar Jawan Jyoti on air force day | Image Resource : newindianexpress.com

Air force officers and warriors who have achieved various success in the previous year are awarded with various awards and medals of honour. Their achievements are discussed in detail with the invitees that makes them feel proud of their officers. The families of air warriors are also thanked for their constant support in difficult times.

Amidst, various cultural shows and activities are performed. To mark the end of the event, a “High Tea” is kept for civilian employees, Airmen and Veteran Air Force Commanders. There is also an “At Home” function organized for them.

Being an Indian, I feel proud to say that the Indian Air Force has achieved progress in terms of technology with new air-crafts and helicopters in the last couple of years. We are setting a new standard in our amenities on the world map. More and more youths are getting encouraged to join the Indian Air Force and serve the nation.


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