The O Hotel Goa @ Candolim Beach : A Special Weekend With Unlimited Fun!

My friends usually make party plans or weekend plans at the spur of the moment and it always is loads of fun. We never plan our travel and often end up spending our days at not so good hotels. Recently we organized a get together to offer the last bash to one of our friends who was moving out of the country for good. As usual I didn’t pay much heed to the venue because it’s spending a weekend with friends that I consider most important. Hotels and spots are secondary…or so I thought!

As we drove I realized we were on the way to the Candolim Beach. I could not hold my curiosity and asked my friends ‘Hey, Where are we going?’ ‘Why it’s the O Hotel’ they said, “O Hotel Goa” that sounded different and unique, and before I could ask any more details we were right in the driveway of the hotel!

O Hotel Goa

O Hotel Goa | Image Resource :

The rooms were spacious. In fact, it was luxuriously spacious. I now knew what I was missing in those cramped rooms that had great fixtures, but you never liked to spend time inside the rooms. The O Hotel has rooms that you could enjoy and it had a warm and beautiful ambiance. Great view of the Arabian Sea and the food that tasted very delicious added to the joy of the weekend with my friends.

O Hotel Goa Deluxe Rooms

O Hotel Goa Deluxe Rooms | Image Resource :

Good food and drink in O Hotel Restuarant

Good food and drink in O Hotel Restaurant | Image Resource :

It was when we walked down to the beach that we realized the beauty of the location. On one side is the Fort Aguada Main Road and on the other the Arabian Sea; all within reach. Like all Goa beaches, there is a great beach shack too.

Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada | Image Resource :

As long as you are with your friends, and there is beach and you have good food and drink, I don’t think one needs anything else. My opinions changed after a visit to the O Spa. The cool, unhurried attitude of the people at the Spa, in fact, rattled me, as I was used to the behavior of the staff at spas in the Mumbai. It took me some time to get used to the luxury. Next morning I visited the O Gym. It baffled me with its great view and luxury.


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