Seven wonders of Bangalore

Seven wonders of Bangalore

Seven wonders of Bangalore

Bangalore is silicon valley of India and being one of the developed city in India, here we share a glimpse of Bangalore facts. Take a look.

City of Lakes

Rightfully named as city of lakes, bangalore is home to 25 lakes. Abundance in flora & fauna, you can enjoy a quiet time for yourself. These lakes cater the citizens of bangalore with water, ecology and entertainment.

Inspiration to R.K.Narayan’s Malgudi

Your favourite childhood show, Malgudi days was inspired by the city of Bangalore. It is believed that Malgudi was named after two old villages namely Malleswaram and Basavanagudi.

India’s first electrified city

Bangalore is the first city to be called as electrified city followed by Mumbai and Delhi. Hydroelectric power plant at the banks of Kaveri helped Bangalore grow in every sense.

India’s Silicon Valley

Bangalore is hub to IT companies and Americans literally coined the term BANGLORED, when someone got fire, as the job was outsourced to Bangalore IT companies.

Largest number of engineering colleges in India

Affiliated to Bangalore University, the city has renowned engineering college to serve to the young Indians. Since it is considered to be a It hub, it is bound to excel in it too.

Mecca of Startups

Bangalore has witnessed, young crowd fulfilling their dreams. with 14k to 19k startups till date, some of them are successful like Flipkart, Lukup Media and CouponDunia

Home to renowned scientist

Bangalore has given the world number of renowned scientists, one of them is C.V Raman who won Nobel Prize in 1930

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