The Goa Fever’2016 Reloaded- Fun At It’s Peak

Goa Fever'2016 Reloaded

Goa Fever’2016 Reloaded | Image Resource :

Attend the Goa Fever’2016 Reloaded. Being back with a bang, this authentic festival caters to the need of getting the adrenaline levels high. I am going to make this winter memorable as the incontestable idea of astounding beaches come running along with another heart throbbing concept of NEON lights at nights.


Get Inked at the Goa Tattoo Festival

Goa Tattoo Festival

Goa Tattoo Festival | Image Resource :

Welcome to the 1st Annual & International Goa Tattoo Festival. Attending this fest exposes me to the craftsmanship of national and international artists. With the amazing and authentic Goa vibe, this festival is really going to be enjoyable. I am going to attend this fest with my friends to attain engrossment with the experience.

Chikhal Kalo Festival : Something Spectacular!

This wonderful Hindu festival is to be celebrated at Marcel this year like every other year. This celebration is done at the only temple in India that has a statue of lord Krishna when he was a child sitting on his mother’s lap.

Devaki Krishna Temple Mashel Goa

Devaki Krishna Temple Mashel Goa | Image Resource : blog.parrikar.comDevaki-Krishna Temple at Marcel

The place of Marcel has around thirty two temples all over including the Devki Krishna temple. There are many games that Lord Krishna was said to have played as he was a child and this festival enacts all those games such as Dahi Handi. This is basically a human pyramid that needs to be formed in order to attain and break a pot of curd. This game is played during Krishna’s birthday as well as the Chikhal Kalo Festival.

Chikal Kalo Festival Goa

Chikal Kalo Festival Goa | Image Resource :

Mud play or Chikhal Kalo is the main event of the day. People play in mud and are completely covered in mud by the end of the game. This festival doesn’t have a proper date in history but goes back hundred and fifty years or so.

Mud Play Goa

Mud Play Goa | Image Resource :

On Ekadashi, villagers assemble at the Devki-Krishna temple to sing bhajans for about two consecutive days. After the bhajans of the second day the temple’s priest distributes oil to those who will participate in the chikal kalo.

The Event Of A Lifetime!

To the beats of the drums, cymbals and bells, and chanting “Jai Hari Vithal“, the participants, who are all men, enter the mucky ground where a variety of games, all ensuring a thorough mud bath, are played in full power and excitement.

Jai Hari Vithal

Jai Hari Vithal | Image Resource :

This festival brings together all the castes of the Hindu culture without looking into color, race, richness or age. Many people who have been a part of this event in the previous year’s claim to have so much fun and bring back the child in them. They also say that this event gives them a chance to relax and unwind.

All the participants are offered sweets and other ‘Prasaad’ from the temple first and are then distributed to all the people around the temple compounds. It is indeed a wonderful festival that enlightens the mind, body and soul.

Goa Marathi Film Festival : Ensured To Be A Success!

The eighth and most awaited Goa Marathi Film Festival is scheduled to be held from the 17th of July and will continue till the 19th of July 2015. This two day event has been rumoured to be one of the best film festivals that India has hosted till date.

Goa Marathi Film Festival 2015

Goa Marathi Film Festival 2015 | Image Resource :

Organized at the Kala Academy, Inox and Maquinez place, this splendid event will have a wide array of great movies lined up and a whole noteworthy guest list of wonderful and famous stars that are to attend. The event also is planning to hold gala dinners for all the fine attendants, exciting and productive workshops and a whole diverse live performance. There are a few more happening programs to take place but that is still kept on the down low.

The event is said to premier three much anticipated films, the first being Partu, Hollywood’s first Marathi feature. The story revolves around a young boy who embarks on a mission to find his real family. The second, Nilkanth Master, is a love story set during the pre-Independence era in Maharashtra. The third one, Highway Marathi Movie, directed by Umesh Kulkarni and speaks of inner change.

Nilkanth Master Marathi Movie

Nilkanth Master Marathi Movie | Image Resource :

Highway Marathi Movie

Highway Marathi Movie | Image Resource :

Goa Marathi Film Festival Will Turn Heads And Minds Alike!

Furthermore Ramesh and Seema Deo are to be awarded and given recognition for their exemplary contribution to the World of Cinema. Ramesh has been around for many years in the film industry, he has produced, directed and even acted in many Hindi and Marathi films, he has also worked in Marathi Dramas. His wife, Seema Deo also follows her husband’s career path closely and has done wonders.

Ramesh and Seema Deo

Ramesh and Seema Deo | Image Resource :

‘Distributing and Marketing Marathi Movies’ is one of the workshop topics that Girish Wankhede is going to take up during these two days of the film festival. ‘Goa Film Festival Screenwriters Point’ is an entire new genre of awards that are going to be given to promote screenwriters and plays.

Be sure to check out the various details and review this event. Make sure you are part of the making of history!

Igitun Chalne Festival : Be A Part Of The Grand Celebrations!

I have found that nobody can celebrate festivals like the Goans do! Scores of festivals are celebrated in Goa all year round, with great enthusiasm. This part of Southern India is like no other, it has a rich cultural and traditional history with a kaleidoscope of festivals

I have heard stories from my grandfather on how the Portuguese influenced Goa when it was under the Portugal rule for many years. This also has resulted in tolerance to different religions. Goa celebrates Hindu, Muslim and Christian festivals. People from all walks of life irrespective of one’s religious belief participate in these festivals celebrated in Goa. I found that the environment of happiness is infectious. It’s great to be around people who love celebrating ☺

Among the festivals of Goa, some are saturated in religious undertones while the others are expressions of the fun-loving nature of the people. One such religious festival is the “Igitun Chalne festival” which falls in the month of May.

Igitun Chalne Festival

Igitun Chalne Festival | Image Resource :

Celebration of Igitun Chalne festival

Celebration of Igitun Chalne festival | Image Resource :

This is a fun-filled festival held at the Sirigao temple in North Goa. Sirigao is a small village near Bicholim which has become famous for its temple of the goddess Lahrai and the festival of Igitun Chalne. This means walking on the burning coal or rather in my case, just witnessing the event.

Lahrai Devi Temple Shirgaon Goa

Lahrai Devi Temple Shirgaon Goa | Image Resource :

I have heard that according to legend, Goddess Lahrai with her six sisters and one brother arrived in Goa from Bengal. They stayed at different places in Goa. For example, the eldest sister stayed in Mayem, Sirigao is where the second in line stayed and the third settled at Mulgao. These sisters used to send a gift of a pot every year to the prime goddess Lahrai. This trend was continued for many years.

During the Igitun Chalne festival held at the Lahrai Devi temple in Sirigao, many devotees from these regions nearby gather to celebrate the festival of this deity. Along with the devotees, many tourists( like me) also get in on the action and throng the village to watch the ritual in which the devotees walk on burning coal to show their affection and devotion towards the deity.

Summers in Goa are the apt time to witness such unique festivals as you can also visit the beaches when you’re not soaking in the culture! 😉

How To Spend Summer vacation for Goa : An Insight Into “The Checklist Of Never Ending Fun!”

India is widely known and recognized for its exotic tourist locations. Several tourist destinations here always have a healthy inflow of domestic and international visitors across the year. One of the prime places in the Indian touristic domain is undoubtedly Goa.

This place generates enough revenue to keep the foreign exchange and GDP meters ticking. Majority visitors prefer this place due to its fantastic beaches and beautiful historic monuments. Rated as one of the best beaches in the world Goa has that magical element which sends jitters down the spine of any visitor!

The best time to visit this holiday heaven is undoubtedly during summer break, mainly because this is the time when most of the outdoor activities in the beach areas will be operational in full swing.

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There is however an unspoken truth about Goa, Nobody ever gets bored here! Do you wish to feel the skies under your arms? Do you wish to feel the blazing gust of wind wrestling with you? And with all this do you wish to see the sun setting on the horizon along the beach waves? Well then the immediate next step would be to attempt Para-Sailing. This facility is available in all the beaches of Goa; however it’s the Anjuna beach and Bagha beach which claim to be the hub of adventure sporting in Goa.

Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna Beach Goa | Image Resource :

Bagha Beach Goa

Bagha Beach Goa | Image Resource :

Para-Sailing Goa

Para-Sailing Goa | Image Resource :

For the calm and quiet ones there is a list of places to visit in Goa. With so many beautiful churches and forts this place serves to be a picturesque paradise for any photographer. Hotels and beach side resorts are aplenty here and fixing accommodation is also quite hassle free. After a tiring sight-seeing day one can take the benefits of a nice ayurvedic massage and spa in the resort, these massages are extremely good for blood circulation and skin toning!

Ayurvedic Sereno Spa Park - Hyatt Resort and Spa at Goa

Ayurvedic Sereno Spa Park – Hyatt Resort and Spa at Goa | Image Resource :

The party animals however needn’t be worried at all for there is no curfew in most of the party destinations and night clubs in this place. The best DJ’s from across the globe play in Goa for the lively atmosphere and energetic crowd this place has in store!

DJ Party Goa

DJ Party Goa | Image Resource :

What Kind Of Cricket Fan Are You : Loyal Fan Vs Bandwagon Fans?

“Why We Love Sports” – Res

In India people are hard core cricket fans and they are ready to do anything for the love of the sport. It unites them and the thrill of the victory and the agony of the defeat are truly taken to unknown heights! Whatever  be the game, be it cricket, football , hockey , tennis , badminton; there are huge number of fans who cheer the players and the mental stimulus it creates , takes every person to the heights of happiness and ecstasy!

Many historical moments are witnessed during the games and to be a part of it even in the role of a spectator is truly great. The collective energy and the love for the nation is stirred from the gut level and it binds people stronger and with renewed faith. The true love can be seen when the fans wait patiently wait for long hours in serpentine queues to get tickets and incidents of people jumping from a 15 ft. wall can also be witnessed in order to touch their heroes!

A view of huge crowd of cricket fans queued up at the Chinnaswamy Stadium to purchase tickets

A view of huge crowd of cricket fans queued up at the Chinnaswamy Stadium to purchase tickets | Image Resource :

Why a sport needs fan? – Res

Sports without fans cannot thrive as they are the heartbeat of the game! Be it the sports players or the coaches, and all the staffs associated with a game, make money only when there are fans. Both the physical presence with their painted faces and loud cheering add to the spirit of the game and motivates the players to perform well. The memorabilia, the tickets and the replica outfits that the fans buy add to the treasury and there are games that become a national fever like cricket and football.

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There are two types of fans , the loyal fans who stay loyal to their players and support them during the high and the low and the second category of the bandwagon fans who jump to the side which wins!

“What makes someone a true fan? This is a question that has been asked for years. Is it someone who can buy everything the team sells or is it someone who goes to every game?” – Res

Fans who are loyal are a great treasure for the team as they support the players during their rough patches and take care to be in the places where their team is playing in order to cheer them. They also do a steady follow up by watching the news on the internet, on TV and by motivating their heroes by sending messages and SMS to their phones and social media accounts.  There is no dispute on the fact that fans are important because without fans no team can survive nor does any game for that matter.