pk : An Insightful Movie or Just Provoking Commercial Cinema

PK has been in controversy ever since the release of its first poster where Aamir posed nude with just a transistor hanging around. Movie buffs and fans were quite shocked by this particular poster. Aamir Khan is considered as a serious personality in the professional circle but he shocked everyone with this recent bold act!

pk controversial poster

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PK released across the world at 19 December 2014.

The storyline:

The story revolves around an alien who was sent on earth to research on human culture.

This being is unaware about concepts such as clothing, depiction, languages, religions, castes and existence of Gods. He only has a necklace which acts as a communication device or remote control. Soon after his arrival on earth his remote control is stolen by a crooked human.

Now Aamir (a nameless alien) is stranded on an unknown planet. He is lost and has no medium of communicating with his fellow being on the alien ship. So his only option is to get the controller back.

This movie is his quest to get that remote control back. During this journey, he realizes and learns many things about human race. He starts adapting to the human way of living; he starts wearing clothes, speaks Bhojpuri, and learns the importance of money and God for humans. He even gets a name for himself i.e. “pk”

While approaching people for help he is told that without any information, finding this thief in a country of millions is impossible and only “GOD CAN HELP HIM” to get back his remote controller. Thus his remote-thief quest turns into a quest to find God.

After the release, the movie pk was surrounded by controversies and debates. Some supported the movie and some protested against it.

Why is PK being protested?

In the film , Aamir’s character (the alien) questions common religious beliefs and traditions. The writers have tried to create comedy around different religions which has irritated many religious groups and leaders.

Jo dhar gaya woh mandir gaya (a fearful person goes to temple )..!!

How far this statement is valid.!
Sol: it is an intelligent and couragous person who goes to temple..
Explanation: Every person is challenged with worries which eventually leads him to fear and when faced with this we tend to find a way to get relaxation. Some people watch movies,some go to pubs n drink. But what is a healthy way of getting relaxation? And an obvious answer to that is temple(god)…..

– Read Quote of Aman Pandey’s answer to Does the PK movie harass Hinduism? on Quora

The movie will make us question on following aspects :

PK  has a lot more to offer than just a hindu godmen fooling his pupil. Don’t look it as you belong to one of the religions, look it at as a common human not affiliated to any religion, institution, caste, country, creed or colour. You are falling into the same trap PK pointed out in the movie. Look at it this way we are just petty humans living on a small Gola (Planet) in a distant galaxy which is one in 100 billion out there in the universe. PK’s Gola(Planet) don’t even have any religion so there is no segregation and they live a simple and happy life. You see how insignificant your concern is now. This is the wider theme of the movie and exposing a hindu godmen was a little aspect of it they wish to highlight.

-Read Quote of Pallav Gupta’s answer to Why is PK movie more critical of Hinduism abusers than those of Islam and Christianity? on Quora

Boycotting the movie, famous Hindu yoga guru, Baba Ramdev said

“There should be a social boycott in society against those who are involved in making such movies. It has become a hobby of some people to denigrate Hindu Gods and Goddesses…and insult our saints.” – Res

Controversial scenes and dialogues from pk :

“Jis tarah diwar pe bhagwan ka fotu lagate hai na ki koi muute
nahi.. us tarah humne ye bhagwan ka fotu chipka liya ki kono peete nahi…”

“Jo dar gaya woh mandir gaya…”

“Shadi vyah me pataka phod ke band baaja baja ke, kaahe sare sheher ko bataya jaat hai ki aaj “I am having sex”

Check out this video :

Why is PK being appreciated?

Despite of all the controversies and negative attention, pk has managed to win the heart of countless people around the world. Many filmmakers, movie critics and actors across the world have termed this movie as one of the best Hindi cinema ever created.

According to the supporters, pk doesn’t question God or religion but it does questions our beliefs and blind faith. It also questions social issues such as complexities of languages, illiteracy on sex, commercialization of religion, humanity etc

Many celebrities came forward in support of this movie on different social media platforms :

I have some issues with PK .. I agree with a lot of things but disagree with some.nowTHATS a good film.One that stirs thought and discussion

Ensuring his fans and supporters director of the movie, Rajkumar Hirani said :

“Our film is inspired by the ideas of Sant Kabir and Mahatma Gandhi. It is a film which brings to fore the thought that all humans who inhabit this planet are the same. There are no differences. In fact, I have the highest respect for the concept of ‘Advait’ – the oneness of all humans – that is central to Indian culture, thought, and religion,” – Res

Even Veteran BJP Leader L.K Advani recently said in a statement :

“Hearty greetings to Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra for a wonderful and courageous film that they have produced in the shape of ‘PK’”

   He also stated that

“It is this cardinal lesson that emerges clearly out of this recently released film ‘PK’ which has excellent performances by the protagonists Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma and Boman Irani ” – Res


This is not the first movie that questions the religious rituals and Godmen, remember movies like Water and Oh My God.  How “pk” affect the viewers depends on their nature and ideologies. A person who often indulges in various religious rituals may overlook the comedy and find this movie offensive. If you are a light hearted person, who enjoys cinema, then you may enjoy this movie.