Calangute Beach : Rapturous Is Simply the Word to Define

Being an inhabitant of Goa I am a fun loving guy and perpetual for merry-making. Rather my life as a journalist, has given me abundance of opportunities to express myself. Writing is not only a profession for me, indeed it is the art that gradually dwells and develops in me. It makes me contented within. Though my profession does not provide me that remuneration, which many of others do, but I am more focused on the satisfaction of writing. So no regrets! Anyways, let’s drive to the journey of Goa’s Calangute Beach. Queens of the Beaches as it is usually said.


Goa Calangute Beach Aerial View | Image Resource :

The beach is the eventual stopover for the fun loving travelers and locals. It is exactly the resting beach which the drifters dreamt of and the wanderers wonder for. Its existence merely 15 kilometers away from Panaji says it all. It is the largest of all in North Goa. It is the nucleus of plethora of foreigners that are fond of sunbathing in summers and frivolous in festivals. I am so privileged of all these jiffies! I get to perceive the vivid festive moods of the dwellers and drifters every now and then.

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The amplified music of the nightlife at shoreline of Calangute Beach is something that nobody regrets. The Beach possesses number of residential arrangements. Presence of beachside cottages, hotels and resorts is large in number. They are available in array of tariffs for the budgeting travelers. To witness the restful sunset to its closest, Santa Monica jetty is the choice. Just go on for a leisurely sail and witness the massive Adil Shah Palace on the way. It is the city’s first edifice. Dekhni and Fugdi are the folk dance forms of Goa which you would love to enjoy while sailing on the vessel.

I mean, Goa is ceaselessly fun filled. It is sometimes unable to be expressed in words. Calangute Beach is merely a clip of fortifying Goa. Shopping, water sports, biking and several others are the activities besides scrumptious food at the beach side. All of them keep the visitors rapturous and elated throughout their visit to the beach.