Chorao Island Is A Must Visit Place for All Kinds Of Tourists

Another perfect location for you if you are staying at Panaji. If you are on quest to check out the best beaches in the country or Goa then I would recommend you to check out Chorao Island. As a kid I have visited this Chorao beach countless times with my parents. My mom loved these beaches. It is amongst her favorite beaches in Goa. This is the reason why Chorao Island is so close to my heart.

Chorao Island

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One of the best things that most of the visitors enjoy is the ferry ride. You reach the city of Chorao by road but your Goa experience is incomplete until you take a ferry ride. I personally love taking ferry rides in the evenings.

Thivim Railway Station

Thivim Railway Station | Image Resource :

How to reach :

– You can reach Chorao Island from Thivim Railway Station.
– Via SH 1 and Major District Road 22, it is a 37 minutes journey (20.1 km).

Thatch Houses Goa

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Portuguese Villas Goa

Portuguese Villas Goa | Image Resource :

As a visitor you may find the architecture of the city to be quite interesting. In Chorao, you will get to see thatch houses along with Portuguese villas. Most of the homes, churches and buildings are inspired by old portuguese designs. You will also notice that most of the Chorao is covered by Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. If you are a nature and wildlife admirer then you must definitely visit this place.

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary | Image Resource :

When you enter Chorao, the first thing that you will notice is the beaches, then the beautiful churches. I would also recommend you to try out the local cuisines of Chorao Island. Many tourists think that this island is surrounded by sea but that is not true. This island along with Divar island is located on Mandovi river.

Mandovi River Goa

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The last time I visited this island was last November to attend a close relative’s engagement party. It is a great place for celebration. You will find plenty of resorts and guest houses to organize a great event.

Chorao Island is a perfect place for all kind of tourists. If you are at North Goa then it is a must visit place for you.