Goa – The City Of Hopes

I was born in Goa and I grew up to enjoy the beauty of the winding roads with it countless alleys that ran like tributaries of an unending river. My childhood games included playing marbles on the street and watching the girls play hopscotch. During summer, we ran after kites trying to get hold of their Manja. Every little event was fun.

Christmas and New Year added a special glitter to my childhood. The narrow lanes now spread the fragrance of baking cakes and cookies. As small news also held a lot of importance in that locality, I decided I will be a journalist someday. I clicked pictures, wrote small stories and even tried to solve fights in our locality.

As I grew up, I learnt the vastness of journalism and had to select a field in journalism. I chose travel writing and I found it even more interesting after I learnt about it. Here I will share my travel experience and pictures. Hope you have fun reading my blog.

Till now I have travelled many parts of Goa and it was surely an enjoyable journey. I have also spent days exploring every bit of Goa. It was a different feeling and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I like food and am a great fan of street food. Read along to know the best street food destinations in Goa. I have tasted Tandoori, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and other major variety of cuisines but goan dishes have its own flavor .

I have to frequently travel to different places and I make sure not to waste a lot of money in travelling. I can tell you tricks of the trade where you can purchase the tickets cheap and enjoy a modest travel experience.

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