Celebrating Football Fever at North16 Bar

The football fever is on the peak and all the sports fans are at the epitome of excitement. With the rising popularity and awareness towards this sport, more and more people are indulging in the World cup. At my hometown Goa, celebrations were at par. The place, which is a hub of leisure and enjoyment, was celebrating the football grip that has aroused the viewers’ expectations.

Germany Team

Germany Team | Image Resource : fifawallpapers.com/germany-records-wc-2014

Being one of the followers of the football world cup, and a great fan of the sport, I was looking forward to Goan celebrations. Considering enthuses and interest that was aroused through these occasions, North16 Bar was making the best from this opportunity by hosting a grand celebration.To gather the maximum impact and gratification of the occasion, I also visited the place along with my friends.

Football Fever at North16 Bar

Argentina Team | Image Resource : flirt-pattaya.com

A long celebration was organized at the North16 Bar, extending from 13th of June to 8th of July. The place was packed with football fans that were enjoying and catching all the events that were occurring in the world cup.

We also joined them to have a blast. The relaxing environment was ideal for the viewers to take pleasure in following the actions of football matches, along with the likeminded acquaintances.

The place lay off a number of offers to attract visitors and make most of the opportunity. There was a special offer that included unlimited liquor packages, that too starting from a mere amount of 450Rs. Locals and tourists were enjoying the privilege that they were getting along with the telecast of football matches.

We thoroughly enjoyed our favorite sport along with the exceptional offers that were made available by the host. The place turned into a synonym of fun and excitement. We also noticed many people in the jersey similar to that of the football teams.

That seemed to be a gesture of gratification of fans towards their favorite teams and players. However, that was also a means to avail a special offer that was running in house i.e.to get two drinks if anyone wears jersey of their favorite football team. All in all, the place was making the visitors relish their game over numerous attractive offers.