Goa to Get Research Centre For Cashew, Spices – The Future of Goa and Its Agricultural Produce

Today I am going to put my journalism skills to good use owing to the penchant for the good of my state. Goa is resplendent in its produce and offerings but owing to lack of funds from the Central Government in some sectors, the production has not been optimized. This is my concern for my state. But not that there is no hope for there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel.

Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh

Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh | Image Resource : way2hindi.com

Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh has made some very good news public. The Center will provide all the funds required for the setup of a cashew research centre so that the production of cashew in the state can be encouraged. Along with it, there is also going to be a centre for spices with which the produce of spices will also benefit. This announcement had been made in the 2 day visit of the minister. To champion the cause for Goa, the department for agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries had made one of the most appealing and detailed presentations in the presence of the Chief Minister of Goa, other ministers and the honorable Union Agriculture Minister.

Addressing the media people, Singh admitted that Goa had not received any monetary support from the Central Government in areas pertaining to agriculture, dairy sectors and fisheries and it was about time he rectified the matter. He extended his complete assurance that the state from now on will receive on time funds that can help in increasing the productivity in the fields of fisheries, agriculture and diary. This financial assistance will be allocated to the state under various ongoing schemes.

I took pride in the fact that the minister also congratulated the state for the increment that it has had in rice production. But lots remain to be done. The state wants full central support in preserving the khazan land. Moreover, the department for animal husbandry has also bid for some financial aid so that the milk production can be increased within the state. The state expects industries to be set up for the organic produce processing under the national horticulture development mission too.