Why The Goa Beach Shacks Are Being Targeted By The Tourism Department?

When we talk about Goa tourism, most of you would definitely think or imagine about beaches, beach parties, and the beach shacks. Unfortunately, the state government of Goa has taken some steps against the beach shacks and even the taxi services that run all through the state.

Being a guy from a middle class family, I have always found pleasure and fun in the simple things of life. And, it is the small things that make Goa so popular as a tourist place, not those big shopping malls or 5-star hotels. Hence, I completely support the social group of the prominent Roman Catholic Church for standing in support of the Goa beach shacks and taxi drivers.

A young Goan, and a journalist by profession, my friends and colleagues know me by the name of David. I believe that the beach shacks are one of the major elements of Goa that keep the tourists glued to the beaches all the time. As a matter of fact, the small eateries are licensed ones.

Centre for Responsible Tourism

Centre for Responsible Tourism | Image Resource : responsibletourismgoa.com

However, recently Father Maverick Fernandes, the representative from CRT (Centre for Responsible Tourism) said that the removal or demolition of the shacks present at the popular beach belt Utorda-Majorda beach was aimed at providing space to the construction of 5-star hotels and resorts. As expected, the tourism ministry of Goa completely discarded the insinuation, and said that the demolition was done as per the law.

Utorda-Majorda beach

Utorda-Majorda beach | Image Resource : indiamike.com

In this regard, Fernandes also said that the tourism ministry is trying to clear the path for resort companies and big brands from the taxi business by doing away with beach shacks and local taxi services. He also said that the shacks were brought down to the ground even without prior notice from the government. This particular move from the government has definitely shocked me because since my childhood days I have witnessed the electrifying atmosphere created by these shacks, which are the hub of food, music, and drink.


Goa ranked 3rd among the top five best value destinations for holidays

Goa Destinations

Goa Destinations | Image Resources : goatouristplaces.wordpress.com

Goa is definitely one of the best tourist destinations for those who are enthusiastic about travelling but want it at affordable rates. The amazing cottages at Goa offer the tourists best services. It is not surprising that Goa ranks third in the list after Canary Islands and other cheap foreign destinations.