Goa Tourism Dept Takes Steps to Accentuate Tourist’s Safety

Goa is amongst the most admired tourist spot, and to further boost the tourism in the state, a tourist safety workshop was organized at the tourists Bhavan, Panaji for all the tourism officials and tourist police force. The workshop was addressed by the director of tourism, deputy director Mr. Arvind Khutkar, Goa Tourism Department, SP Umesh Gaonkar and PSI Sachin Gawas.

Goa Tourism Department

Goa Tourism Department | Image Resource : vinaysaya.blogspot.com

With around 97 participants of the meeting, the topics of concerns that were briefed included management of field duties, handling situations effectively and considering complaints.

Pamela Mascarenhas, who is the deputy director in the department of tourism, has stated that domestic tourists admire and look forward to visit Goa all throughout the year. So, all efforts were made to ensure tour promotion and safety of visitors. Emphasis was also made to keep Goa clean and green.

It has been proposed to put signboards on all beaches with warning message of no littering. Persons found guilty of littering, cooking on roadsides, and drinking on beaches will be fined. Security of all tourists and especially females is primary, an official told. It is said that training will be given to all the officials to make these rules followed effectively.

Goa Tourists Beaches

Goa Tourists Beaches | Image Resource : holidayin.in

 The department of tourism has issued strict laws for the safety of tourists along with maintaining the destinations clean and hassle free. If any person is found breaking the rules, he or she will be heavily fined and punished by the tourism police.

The tourism department has also proposed to ban the parking of vehicles on the beaches except for lifeguards, ambulance and government vehicles. Beggars and hawkers will not be tolerated at any destination.

A flying squad is also formed to consider accelerated issues and solve them as soon as possible. The department officials have said that these rules are for the benefit of tourists and their security. Both the people and authorities have to work in symbiosis to promote tourism in Goa and make it a safe and better tourist destination.

With all these rules in effect, tourists can now look up to a cleaner and greener Goa and enjoy its serene beaches with peace in on and off seasons as well.