Goa Takes A Step Up As Central Government Approved Rs. 64.95 crores For Tourism Development!

No second thoughts about Goa being one of the coolest party destinations in India. Every year, Goa witnesses a major chunk of crowd especially during the peak season from November to February. Goa competes at par with international destinations for being one of the most popular tourist destinations. Comparatively cheap, Goa is high on tourist activities throughout the year. During the great sunburn festival held around New Year, major hotels have houseful bookings for rooms and cottages. The government of Goa has always been active in supporting tourist activities in Goa and to add a cherry on top the Central Government has approved a budget of Rs. 64.95 crore to make provisions for increments in the tourism activities to make Goa a world-class tourist destination in India.

The government of Goa

The government of Goa | Image Resource : hubert-herald.nl

Goa Tourism Logo

Goa Tourism Logo | Image Resource : travelandtourworld.com

Being a resident of Goa, I was super excited and as an inquisitive journalist, I was more than interested in knowing more about the approved budgets. In the same regard, Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik conveyed the information which was issued by the Union Minister of state for Tourism, Mr. Mahesh Sharma that the sanctioned investment amount will be put for returns under five key projects.

The streamlined tourism development projects underlined under the approved budgets are Miramar Tourism circuit development, Tourism circuit development in heritage and coastal areas by helicopter connectivity, Colvale tourism circuit development, establishment of a golf course and a luxury cruise.

Under the sanctioned budget, the Central government has provided around Rs. 40.40 lakh for  which Rs. 21.03 crores have already put to use. From the amount above, a figure close to Rs. 12 crores was assigned to Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, out of which Rs. 4 crores have been already put to use. Amongst the left over budget, Development of the Colva Beach Circuit gets a share of Rs. 7.58 crore out of which Rs. 6.06 crore have been put to use and the development of Baga Circuit was allotted Rs. 4.98 crores out of which Rs. 3.99 crores have already been put to use.

Colva Beach

Colva Beach | Image Resource : goabloggers.wordpress.com

Baga Beach

Baga Beach | Image Resource : indialocation.in


Goa Making Waves As One Of The Top 10 Nightlife Cities Of The World!

“Goa ranks 6th in ‘Top 10 Nightlife Cities’ list” – Res.

Goa is one of the favorite tourist destinations of travelers from around the world. Lately, this city is been identified as a safe tourist spot for travelers. And, when it comes to night life then Goa is counted in the list of top 10 nightlife cities, as announced by media conglomerate. According to the survey done by National Geographic, Goa holds a sixth rank, and is safe for people 24×7.

Mr. Dilip Parulekar, tourism minister in Goa announced that this small state was getting global recognition as one of the safest tourist destinations. He also took pride in the fact that now Goa has been making waves in the global arena for being one of the world’s best night life cities.

The city encourages many fun filled musical festivals and night parties and night bazaars and the minister said that his department will encourage and promote all events which were within the laws of the land.

“Must do things in Goa at night – The nightlife essentials” – Res.

Curly’s beach shack Anjuna beach

Curly’s beach shack Anjuna beach | Image Resource : heritagegoa.com

Goa has a lot to offer in terms of enjoyment, food, and of course the beaches. To start the fun, invest most of the time at the beaches. Sing, dance, and eat to the core of your heart. The Curly’s beach shack around Anjuna beach and The Pine shack around Candolim and Calangute are quite popular among the tourists.

When you are in Goa, you shouldn’t miss the night clubs. Club Tito, The Alcove in Vagator beach, Johnny Cool and Ziggy’s in Colva beach are few interesting night places among party enthusiasts. And if you are an avid drinker, then there are special places for you which are open all day and night, such as Britto’s in Baga beach, Shores Bar, Guru Bar in Anjuna beach, and Tamrind tree around Candolim road.

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After drinking and partying, you shouldn’t miss shopping! Yes, every Saturday there are night flea markets held where you can please yourselves with food, clothes, jewelry, bars, and much more. Mackie’s night bazaar is another trendy market at Baga beach.

Mackie’s night bazaar

Mackie’s night bazaar | Image Resource : findallgoa.com

Last but not the please, don’t forget to experience the serene and natural beauty of Goa. The other beautiful side of Goa is the calm and mesmerizing sunset view and the night sky filled with twinkling stars.

Goa Tourism wins “Best Destination For Wedding Celebrations And Honeymoon” at Berlin

Goa - Best Destination For Wedding Celebrations

Goa – Best Destination For Wedding Celebrations | Image Resource : weddingvings.com

Goa wins “Best Destination For Wedding Celebrations And Honeymoon” at Berlin. Goa Tourism is surely doing an amazing job in taking the Goan culture around the world. It is a very proud moment for Goa.

Big Hotel Brands All Set to Add More Glamour to Goa’s Tourism

It is no wonder why most of the newlywed couples in India prefer Goa as their honeymoon destination. The electric atmosphere of the sea beaches of Goa and the romantic aura the state contains within itself drive every fun lover crazy. The Portuguese style sea foods, accompanied with the sprawling beaches will simply make you fall in love with this place. This is the reason why a lot of foreign tourists throng towards this wonderful place to revive their mind and body.

It was during the 1960s when the tourism sector of Goa started spreading its wings all over the country and in other countries as well. With the passage of time, the influx of tourists from all parts of the world started rising, which in turn also brought some negative elements to this place. It is quite obvious that youth comprise major portion of the total numbers of tourists that visit Goa, and they tend to get swayed easily by the anti-social elements.

Such social ill beings try to pollute the atmosphere by selling drugs and other such harmful stuffs. But, strict actions have been taken in this regard by the state government of Goa, which has definitely put the state back into the map of popular tourist locations. In order to make people safer in the streets and beaches of Goa, more and more high-end hotel companies are making investments across the state, particularly close to the beaches.  After all, Goa is known for its sea beach parties and night life. So, when big names from the hospitality industry, such as the Hard Rock Hotel, will place their foot in the region, more and more tourists would feel confident about choosing Goa as their wedding and honeymoon destination, where they can spend the most memorable days of their life minus any kind of bad experiences or hiccups.

Hard Rock Hotel Goa

Hard Rock Hotel Goa | Image Resource : hospitality-on.com

Goa Nightlife

Goa Nightlife | Image Resource : thehitavada.com

With big hotels coming up in Goa, it will open the path for the international casinos to make their entry into the state. Moreover, it will also prove advantageous for the locals as the influx of new hotels will create more job opportunities. So, it’s a kind of win-win situation for everyone.

Women Only Taxi Services : Is Goa Tourism At The Top Gear And On The Right Track?

“Goa Tourism launches the first one of its kind taxi service in Goa, driven by women, for women passengers. Goa Tourism decided to take this step forward to cater to women tourists and residents in the State. This initiative ‘Women Taxi Service’ will also give a new career direction to women in Goa”. – Res

Yes! This news was indeed manna for the ears as it was thought it will be great for the tourists to enjoy Goa and all its pleasures without an undertone of sexual harassment and rape incidents. It was a giant leap forward and this piece of awesome announcement by the tourism was surely believed to siphon in more and more tourists to this beach paradise.

Women Only Taxi Services Goa

Women Only Taxi Services Goa | Image Resource : goaexpress.in

The taxis plying the length and breadth of this beautiful state had lady drivers behind the wheels. These drivers were a combination of beauty with brains and they were trained in self-defense, first-aid and also soft skills. The cars were equipped with GPS monitoring system and supported by a panic alert button backed by the back office.

It was a great moment of pride when Union Defense minister Parrikar flagged off the taxis which were all air conditioned in the esteemed presence of the tourism minister Dilip Parulekar and other esteemed guests.

“Mr. Parrikar described the new service as yet another way of government to empower and give opportunities to women for self-employment.”- Res

The minister also referred to the fact that the brainwave of these taxis also empowered the government to ensure that their women folk became self-employed. This novel idea was implemented to put an end to all the unscrupulous fleecing of the lady tourists especially foreigners who are new to the country. These air conditioned taxis could also be availed by contacting the call centers as well as they were stationed at all focal transport terminals.

It was a big day for the women of Goa when a fleet of 10 air-conditioned taxis rolled out with women drivers dressed in white gave wings to this novel idea. They were also termed as travel hostesses and this news was very much welcomed by women tourists from foreign countries! The basic etiquette, the personal hygiene and their good customer relationship was supposed to make a holiday in Goa a very positive experience for one and all!

Mr. Ravindra Vengurlekar, vice-president of the NGTTOA said the rationale behind starting the women taxis is not very clear.

“If these women taxis transport men, then our livelihood will be affected,” he said – Res

This comment has provoked some people and some said it was totally a wet blanket statement! When the idyllic state was robbed of the foreign currency pouring in from tourism and when many of the people lost their livelihood, this indeed was supposed to be a step in the right direction.

“The GTDC has been lying all along. About martial arts, about the taxi service being run by the corporation, about salaries and their rules about ferrying women clients,” Fernandes told a press conference. – Res

When the warmth of the sunshine and the sea was also painted with dark stories of rape and sexual harassment, this taxi service was like a ray of sunshine. But, stories of how the women drivers are not under the protection of GTDC, but of private cab owners make it a ‘scam and sham’!

These women drivers have now become vulnerable as they are asked to ply men passengers at night without much safety as the emergency buttons provided in the car do not work at most times and even the GPS tracking service stops after 7pm. Now it’s like the proverbial jumping from the frying pan to the fire for the women of Goa !

Goa to exceed last year’s tourist record by 30% this December

Goa Tourism

Goa Tourism | Image Resource : tourmyindia.com

I think this news mentions something that is quite obvious. Goa is an awesome tourist destination and it lights up during the month of December. More and more people want to visit it every year. This stat will surely encourage businesses that depend on the tourists.