Huge Sum of 13.24 Crore Spent By Goan Ministers on Foreign Spree

People’s thought that ministers spend a huge sum of government money for their foreign tours and travelling has proved not to be a myth. Three ministers of Goa and four legislatures of the ruling alliance have spent an enormous amount of 13.24 crore while travelling around the earth in the name of promoting tourism, over a span of two years.

It has been in people’s mind that ministers make use of the money that is made by revenues on their income, in various unexplainable tasks. The current incident may strengthen their beliefs.

Dilip Parulekar, Goa Tourism Minister

Dilip Parulekar, Goa Tourism Minister | Image Resource :

According to the latest reports from the House, Dilip Parulekar, who is the state tourism minister, is ranked on top for spending the highest amount for foreign tours. This amount is spent over the last two years i.e. from March 2012 to 2014.

Dilip Parulekar is not the only one to enjoy foreign tours without taking a note of the money spent, but there are other ranked ministers too. This includes power minister Mr. Milind Naik and Industries Minister Mahadev Naik. The legislatives who made foreign tours over state funds are Nilesh Cabral, Anant Shet, Subhash Phaldesai and Ganesh Gaonkar.

When enquired, there were a number of occasions listed, where these ranked officials visited foreign events in the name of tourism promotion. The events were Lisbon Travel Mart, Portugal, ITB, Berlin, Road show in New York, World Travel Mart, London, Beijing International tourism expo, Matka tourism expo.

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So far, this is the highest sum of state fund that is spent over the visits of such delegations over a span of two years. Further details are awaited.

In the past, numerous incidents have come forward with ministers and diplomats exploiting government funds in the name of medical treatments, socializing with neighbor countries and tourism promotion. However, a deep probe is required to dig out the truth of such visits.

The pointed ministers and legislatures are asked for the details of their expenses, which could be submitted soon. The government is likely to tackle the state and central funds with caution, which is the hard earned money of the citizens collected as taxes and revenues.