A Memorable Trip to Mapusa Market

Goa is amongst the few exotic places in India. I consider myself to very fortunate to call it my home state. I have hundreds of really cool childhood memories in Goa. Goans are known for their festive nature.

At the age of 25, I can say that I have a wonderful life. I have got an opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and nationalities, I have played football with Russians and I work with an awesome firm with amazing co workers.

Goa has given me so much and no words can express my love and respect for the Goan culture. I have written so much about my other travel experiences but not much about Goa. So I have decided to write about Goa on a regular basis. Today in this blog post, I will be writing about the famous Mapusa Market in Goa.

How to reach :

– You can reach Mapusa Market from Thivim Railway Station.
– It is a 19 minutes journey (20.1 km).

If you are in North Goa and never visited a traditional Goan market then you must definitely visit Mapusa Friday Market. This market is one of the most popular places in North Goa. The town of Mapusa has become famous across the country due to this market. Its influence in the Bardez Taluka and proximity to the Panjim city make it an easy to reach location for the tourists.

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It is a small market that is located outside Mapusa Municipal Market. You will find plenty of stalls in the market, most of them selling products and produce made by locals. Many of the products brought by the local farmers and producers are sold directly to the consumers. This offers a better deal for both the parties. I enjoy visiting this place. Over the years, we have bought some really quality stuff at very cheap rates.

This is a daily (weekly) market that opens up early in the morning and closes at dusk. If you are planning to visit this flea market then I would advise you to avoid Sundays since the market would be closed. Friday is the most important day for this market. You will find it to be filled with thousands of visitors from across the country on Fridays.

So check this market out and I’m sure you would love it.