Minister’s Formula for Women’s Safety – No Bikinis, No Short Skirts, No Pubs in Goa

A senior minister has again spoken about women clothing responsible for their safety. In the era of enlightenment and knowledge, a senior minister of BJP led government in Goa has considered short skirts and binkies unsafe for women. Sudin Dhavalikar has said in his statement that women should not wear bikinis at the beaches for their own safety. He further added that wearing short skirts and going to pub by women is against Indian culture and should be stopped.

PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar Goa

PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar Goa | Image Resource :

Dhavalikar is a senior member of BJP ally Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party. His statement has received sharp criticism from the opposition as well as the populace.

Dhavalikar, who is Goa’s Public Works Department Minister, commented on Monday, “Young girls, going to pubs in short dresses is against our culture”. When asked to elaborate and clarify his statement, he chose to put it a step further by saying that he is not against wearing bikinis by women in private, but they should avoid short dresses at public places and beaches.

“Pub culture is not an Indian culture and we don’t want to follow Western culture. Young people drink and go out and it often leads to law and order problems. Our sisters and daughters are getting spoilt. Goa is a city of temples and churches. We don’t want pub-tourism,” he further added.

The minister has reportedly said the statement as a defense to controversial activist Pramod Muthalik, who acclaims to be against culture of sex, nudity and drugs.

Pramod Muthalik’s unit is notorious to misbehave with women in pubs by dragging and mishandling them. It was reported in 2009 when his Ram Sena party men attacked a pub in Mangalore and bet the women.

To retort his statements against women outfits, Congress party has ordered to send a miniskirt at home of Mr. Dhavalikar to show that party dresses do not cause disrespect to any culture, as said by the Goa’s congress spokesperson Durgadas Kamat.

It is notable that before the national elections this year, Mr. Muthalik was disowned by BJP owing to severe criticism from the adversaries. But Dhavalikar doesn’t seem to have any difference of opinions from him in this regards.